How to Get into Real Estate Investment With No Money in 2022

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Let me introduce you to 4 ways you can start a real estate investment business with no money at all. Yes, you read that clearly, with no money.

The year 2021 has been a very challenging year, because of the Covid 19 and other related diseases that are not worldly mentioned. These have cost families a lot and everyone is trying to get back on their feet.

There are a couple of businesses you can start with no money and the real estate business is one of such businesses. Mind you, this article is not exhaustible, you can make further research or contact me for business advice.

The first way you can invest in real estate without having any money is through;

Real Estate Partnerships.

Real Estate Partnership is one of the easiest methods. Look around you, check the internet for real estate groups and ask questions on partnership with pedigree.

Join this real estate group or network. in this group, you locate or identify someone who has the property or has invested in real estate.

You will be ready to do the ground hustling of locating and finding customers or buyers for this property or investment.

You will team up with the investor when you bring the customer. normally, you will get a 70 – 30 per cent share. the investor with the money gets the 70% while you the hustler gets the 30% of the profit.

When you do two to five of such deals, you will start to develop a basket full of money that you can re-invest into properties and start to make more money thereby building your own real estate investment business.

Real Estate Wholesaling.

How do real estate wholesale works? as you are out there hustling. you can come across properties that need to be wholesale, this could be as a result of declining value, some building defects that need to be fixed, there are many reasons while wholesaling may be applicable.

When you find that opportunity, you will go under contract with the particular owner of the property.

But when you sign that contract, ensure there is a closure in it that would allow you to re-assign the contract.

When you sign that contract and it is reassignable, you will have to go out and find someone to re-assign that contract too. if you are a really good real estate person, you will have a portfolio of investors who will want to buy this real estate category.

But if you are new, you may not have that portfolio of existing real estate investors to pull from, so you have to hustle and look for those investors.

One of the ways you can help yourself in this category of real estate is to find someone in your area who has done very well in this category.

Let the person teach you how it’s been done and learn fast. What you can do in return to that person is when you get the reassignment done, you can pay the person from the money you make from reassigning the property.

Real estate wholesaling is a great way for you to get into this business without any money.

Now have you digested the above two methods? What are you thinking right now? Is it possible to achieve?

Yes, my friend, it is very possible to achieve. Look around you. You will see old properties that are not occupied. Speak with someone and ask questions as regards the properties or agent in charge. You will be surprised, you are well equipped to sell these properties now than them.

Here is the third method;

Lease with an option to buy.

here is how it works, you will go to a seller and say, hey let me lease this property from you for a specific number of years and at the end of that lease period, I will purchase this property from you at a specified price.

This is what you will do when you get into this agreement, you will go and look for a tenant who wants to buy a piece of real estate sometime in the future.

They are called tenant buyers. Now, when you get the tenant-buyer into the property, remember, you and the property owner has agreed on your lease term. e.g you may have agreed with the property owner to lease the property for 2years at N70,000/annum and at the end of the 2years, you will buy the property for 5millon naira.

when you now get a tenant-buyer, you can tell him, He will rent the property at 80,000/annum and at the end of the 2years, you will sell the property to him at 6million naira.

He can also make deposit money of let’s say 20% which can be term as good fate money, that they are going to make good of the agreement.

You see you can make money from this transaction through the lease agreement and the buying option.

The last method on my table is;

Hard Money Loans.

These are loans that have a high-interest rate and short term repayment. If you have to start the real estate business with no money, you have to learn to be comfortable with hard money loans.

When you get this money, you will buy a property 50% less than the market value and resell it so as to return the money within the stated term.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who does not have money, to get money and buy a property and reseller at a higher price.

You will be able to repay the loan and interest and still have some money in your pocket.


I will not want to load your head with more, try these four methods and start your real estate business.

You can start today and don’t forget to list your properties here when you start.

God bless you.

You can contact me for a property/real estate investment agreement.

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